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, ronald reagan, do solemnly swear -- >> i, ronald reagan, do solemnly swear -- >> during the ceremony, the plane took off in tehran, homeward bound. >> if he were not inaugurated that morning, the hostages would never have been released. >> hinckley went home to the denver suburbs. only six days after the inauguration, he would sign in for gun practice at this basement shooting range. [ gun fires ] later in hinckley's home, the fbi would find this silhouette target, three bullet holes around the heart. and those are my final four picks. now over to you charles???? sir charles' single miles card left him blacked out. he's coming to us from home. that's gotta be traveling. now instead of covering the final four, he's stuck covering fourth graders. brick! bobby is 1 for 36. mikey? he keeps taking these low-percentage shots. and julio? i don't know what julio's doing. next time get the capital one venture card and fly any airline any time. what's in your wallet? can you get me mr. baldwin's autograph? get lost, kid. [ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerfu
a defense. i thought it was-- "star wars." use today make fun of ronald reagan and he pulled back the defense from poland and the czech republic in the deal with putin early on and all of a sudden now, we're going to ronald reagan to protect us. >> sean: interesting it. >> missile defense when we saw how well it worked in israel. i think you need more than a defense, i think a good segment of our fleet should be deployed there. and it's god forbid, let's hope it's not true, but look, let's not ignore it. but strong action that says if they try anything, they're going to be in for a massive counterattack. >> we're got one missile defense system, and prior to that, a day before it was 2 and 22's and the u.s.s. john mccain. it doesn't send a signal. >> to it people that probably question what kind of backbone does obama have, particularly with the very mild language that he uses, you've got to at least show a significant military force to show a force that would be so great that when you looked at it, if this should act, it would be devastation for north korea. >> here is my fear in
but the democrats, a haphazard announcement from the ronald reagan, 30 years ago, maybe we should defend ourselves from nuclear weapons and not accept them as inevitable and in a post-cold war war, we don't know where the north korean regime would be 10 or 20 years ago, they could have missiles and, proliferating them and i'm not sure we'll know or the israelis know where will be proliferating and, to invest in serious missile defense... >> chris: the president flipped on missile defense. when he first came in he pulled back on some of the deployment of anti-missile interceptors. now, one of his first steps, he and chuck hagel at the pentagon, was to beef up or interceptors system up along the alaska coast. >> like i said, they should be commended for that and one exception, bill, president bush did make a priority of missile defense and one of the first things the barack obama administration did was to reverse that and now they've reversed it again and recognizing an important strategic reason for it and i'm glad they reversed themselves but i wish they hadn't reversed the policy in the first pla
to want to miss that. here's what we're also working on for this hour. ronald reagan's daughter says he would have supported same sex marriage. and she tells us why. and in texas everyone pretty much still on edge after a district attorney and his wife shot down, killed in their own home. now, there's a new reward. plus, living out his dream after spending years in prison for a crime he did not commit, brian banks gets a second chance at playing in the nfl. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny: i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ pop goes the world [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with tide pods. just one pac has the stain removal power of 6 caps of the bargain brand. pop in. stand out. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and
the first time ronald reagan ran for governor until his final reelection campaign. in the 1980 campaign she made her influence everywhere. those of us who worked on the staff knew well she had a point of view about his schedule, the activities, where he went, what he said he or she shaped the speeches and had a point of view regarding the press and how they treated her at him. she had favorites and shoot enemies. our job is to know the difference between the two and run a campaign that reflect to the way they have a couple wanted it to be run. i was fairly certain this is not a unique phenomenon. a sailor turned to hand another interesting things in our history. some of them are. anyone who remembers the 1980s this kind of looking back almost a silly thing that her poll ratings became so negative just over an issue of designer clothing in the white house. i was reading an article about the oscars and it turns out clothes and and personal signers and accessory designers fight to try to get a celebrity to carry their product and there's a whole industry sprung up about creating gift rooms in
of ronald reagan. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: hello again and happy easter from hannon: andnda ooton arom fox news in washington. after months of debate, the senate is finally ready to vote on new gun control legislation. one of the people at the center of the issue is mark kelly, retired astronaut and navy captain and the husband of former congress woman gabby giffords who was shot two years ago. captain kelly joins us from tucson, arizona. after newtown there was internationalout rage over -- national outrage over the acts of mass violence but that has begun to change. cbs has a new poll just aicaler the massacre 57% supported stricter gun controls and now that is down to 47% and harry reid says the bill he was introduce the week after next won't include a ban on assault we to vons and won't include a limit on high capacity magazines. question, shortages should president obama have moved faster to bring this to a vote before the call for action began to fade? >> well, i think aicaler something like 20 first graders being murdered in the classrooms, it is important to
people threatened, trying to escape, it raises the terror they went through. >> signed before ronald reagan was sworn in, the agreement contained one crucial condition. they would forfeit the right to sue the iranian goverment. >> having failed to have that stipulation overturned they are taking a different tack. they are backing a bill to introduce a surcharge on fines levied against companies breaking the u.s. embargo, using it as compensation. >> each would recieve $10,000 for each year in captivity, $4 million per person. it would mark the end of a long quest for justice. u.s.w hope for the former hostages in iran. it is 150 years since the battle of gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the american civil war. the metropolitan museum of art shows poiniant photographs at the war where 750,000 americans lost their lives. jeff rosenheim gives us an exclusive look. >> photographers anticipated the war and were in place, and the camera naand its product was everywhere, and you didn't leave the war without a likeness. they got to put on the uniforms, maybe the first time they left home,
off the rocks. >> and to this day, when you give your tours, this is called? >> ronald reagan's rock. >> ronald reagan's rock. >> because everybody recognizes the name and says, "oh, yeah, president reagan." >> there're angles in this park. >> yes, there are. a lot of angles. when this park was originally-- when this territory was originally formed many, many millions years ago, it was a lake bed, and in the bottom of that lakebed, layer after layer after layer of sandstone over the millions of years, and then a volcanic and tectonic action cracked the lakebed and tilted it up so that what you're seeing all the way through here is these tilted rocks. >> and there's a specific angle to these rocks. >> about 17, 17 1/2 degrees throughout the park. >> why 17 degrees? >> nobody knows for sure. it just happens to be the angle that everything broke off at and slid back. >> so that's a 17-degree angle and there are 17-degree angles all through the park. >> throughout the park. >> there are red rocks in this park, but look over here, that's not red. oh, look. that's modern history. >> coming
to national prominence when she went head to head with governor ronald reagan in california when the board of regents fired her from her first position as professor for her membership in the communist party. she was soon after, the concentration of events in these people's live in the 70s was remarkable, charged with murder and kidnapping and conspiracy in connection with an attempted jailbreak in the marine county court house in northern california. you went underground to me they capture, she was captured and spent 18 months in prison before her trial which was covered the world over. i will read you one more piece from that. this was when she gets captured. re-entering the motel in the late afternoon and gillette noted dark suited men milling about the lobby. she kept down the now familiar feeling of panic that spread through her. she was probably imagining things she told herself. the stress of life as a fugitive had taken its toll. every white man in a suit seems to her like an fbi agent ready to pounce. resolutely she made her way across the lobby to the elevator. acting on the secon
brackets doing? don't ask. >>> president ronald reagan was shot 32 years ago today. the assassination attempt was captured on camera and a secret service agent threw himself in front of the president and took a bullet intended for the president. >> shots reported fired outside the hotel where president reagan spoke a while ago. >> you train intensely. there's a reason for doing it, and frankly i never thought it would happen to me. i think what i am most grateful for, and i am thankful on that particular day i was trained for what i did. >> reacting as he had been trained he placed himself between the gunman and the president. he took a bullet to the chest. >> the president was waving, and the shots rang out and i thought the shots were coming and i turned toward that direction, and i was hit in the right chest. >> it went down through the long liver diaphragm and i did not want it to end my career, so it was a challenge to get back as soon as i could, and less than three months later i was back on the presidential protective position, and served another year and a half with president
is the state of jerry brown and the state of ronald reagan and pete wilson, as well. we don't know what the mood of the people will be until 2014. >> reporter: tomorrow mr. obama will be in atherton for that big $32,000 a plate brunch. after that he will spend time with folks who a
the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. >>> two children of former president ronald reagan are at odds about same-sex marriage. patty says her father would have been puzzled and supported marriage equality. his adopted son appeared on cnn and said same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy and bestiality. >> i think it sends a slippery slope. if you accept the redefinition of marriage, you have to reaccept it all down the line. >>> alabama lawmakers have strict laws for abortion clinics. it's similar to recent ones in north dakota and mississippi requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. >>> rand paul heads to new hampshire. he holds the first in the nation presidential primary. >>> after a public spat, bob woodward sat down for lunch with gene sperling. dan pfeiffer says they had a good laugh and smoothed over their friendship. earlier this year, woodward suggested sperling took an over confrontational e-mail. >>> before we look at the national weather, bill, you have to check this out. >> i don't want to see anything. >> oh, yeah. video of sn
a great axiom for how to deal with this. ronald reagan said peace through strength. teddy roosevelt said speak softly and carry a big stick. >> the top u.s. commander in south kor has never seen the region as tense as it is right now. concerns prompted a federal prosecutor to case in texas involving a white supremacist gang. the gang is being investigated for the murders of the mcclellands and mark hasse. jay riley was working on a case against 34 members but sent a letter to defense attorneys saying he has stepped down. >> i understand why someone would want to step back, and it makes sense to me. especially people who have families. >> officials didn't specify what the security issue was. a u.s. attorney from d.c. will now take over the case. >> brand-new details about a man suspected of killing a colorado prison chief. it turns out evan evil tampered with his ankle bracelet before that murder took place but it took a parole officer five days to check up on him. one showed up at his house before the murder but eb he l wasn't there. he was let out of prison because of clerical mistakes.
with so many presidents over years, and were said about how ronald reagan knew how to sort of dodge and weave with likes of tip o'neill and jim right and others, and this president, so when ronald reagan would reach out to other side there was a give and take, harder today and maybe, a president who is not as willing today but style alone when to the takes a group of them out for dinner whether a hotel or private residence. but what is the difference? what do you think difference is? reagan approach and 'this the? >> i think the president's approach is working. with some of those republicans because, they really would like to get what you looked at, sort of a major deal if they could get it, and they are willing to give up more, why -- where reagan could work with the house, is this. he had the blue dogs he -- >> you are right. >> he saw danny, and he wrote letters signed to danny come on you can do it, 25% on the taxes, he had all those blue dog democrats in southern and rural districts, that reagan won in huge landslides, he could say, you are not against what i'm doing. you belie
and lesbian teachers from teaching in public schools in california. much to everyone's surprise, ronald reagan opposed it and wrote an op-ed. he said being gaye is not contagious or going to affect your children. there's a big dichotomy with ronald reagan, myself, a lot of gay people were not happy with him. he was late to the party with the aids issue, costs tens of thousands of lives. but, as she said in the interview, it's not that simple. >> the conversation apparently she had with her dad came out of the fact rock hudson, she saw him with a woman, kissing a woman. she thought it looked weird. it's how her dad explained it. >> he said it is weird. he would rather be kissing a man. he said, you know, some men love men, some women love women. she also told the great story about when her parents went out of town, they had a lesbian couple, which she called aunt so and so and aunt so and so. she knew they were a couple. her parents would go out of town and they would baby sit and sleep in their parent's king-sized bed. >> there's a point she made. i want to play a little more of the clip from
ronald reagan in a way that's causing controversy. >>> the fate of amanda knox, we can learn when her new murder trial starts in italy. the real question, will she be forced to return? great to have you here today. this is "weekends with alex witt". we have those stories in the next hour. north korea announcing it entered a state of war with south korea. kim jong-un required rockets are ready to be fired at seoul and american bases. they revealed two nuclear capable b-2 stealth bombers. ian is covering the situation from the south. >> reporter: officials in seoul dismissed the latest outburst of more of the same. it followed a massive rally in the northern capital friday where tens and thousands came out in support of kim jong-un's charge, shouting death to the u.s. imperialists. >> escalating military confrontations would lead to further isolation. here's nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> he has 8,000 troops poised 40 miles from seoul and the big worry is there could be a mistake. a miscal lags by the north would force the first woman president to retaliate
this evening with this recorded discussion which was held at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. throughout the day, we're going to be asking about whether your views are represented in the policy discussion. lot of views posted so far, here's one. >> later on this evening, in about 50 minutes or so, we'll stop the program momentarily and give you a chance to weigh in live. we'll read more of those facebook posts and follow twitter, using the hash tag, you'll see it come up in the program, #engageusa. we'll ep the phone lines specifically to ask you, are your views being represented in the u.s. political process. let's get under way with the program from the reagan library. susan page the moderator, the discussion on unity and government, we'll see you and hear from you in about 50 minutes. >> thank you. thank you, jason. it's a delight to be here today. i say that not only because it is not snowing outside as it is back in d.c., and "usa today" is so proud to be able to work with the bipartisan policy center on these big issues facing our country.
's shirt. they retired it. what's wrong that shirt? we'll tell you. >>> also coming up, ronald reagan's daughter creating quite a stir, saying she believes her dad, ronald reagan, icon, would have supported gay marriage. howard bragman got the interview. 40 minutes past the hour. you are watching "starting point." we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ to enjoy all of these years. ó? so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's
as the commission got ready to travel around the country. susan page moderated this meeting. from the ronald reagan's library in california, this is one hour and 40 minutes. [laughter] [applause] >> thank you. it is nice to be here today. usa today is so proud to be able to work with the bipartisan policy center on these big issues facing our country. someone who has served in the military, especially those who served in iraq and afghanistan, i would like to say, thanks for -- your service. [applause] the fact is, we could say thank you for your service to all 14 people who are upset -- who are up on the stage for their service in the senate, the house, and the private sector, voluntary organizations. so thank you for your service. [laughter] [applause] we invite everyone who is watching us to join our conversation. if you are with us in the audience, you can fill out a card with your question or comment., you listen is an an e-mail, finance on facebook, twitter, use the #engaged usa. a veryi start with brief video that two colleagues of mine prepared. it sort of highlights the greatest
'neill and ronald reagan must have been friends. >> but they were friendly colleagues, roughly the same age and kennedy was playing rough. nothing was called back and he felt he was being roughed up. they were saying terrible things about him, it was a rough campaign and when it was all over people were still arguing about that and don't forget if he had won the illinois and texas she would have won and he always felt he got royal least if in that election. >> there is a renaissance and i caught some of this when i was both at the library because of george w. bush because people were looking back to richard nixon and saying you can have a good government republic at once the government to be efficient and that certainly has to grow all the wonder mixed and it did grow. the republican party is so different now. there was much more interest in richard nixon's the five domestic agenda. everybody's been interested in the foreign policy side opening to china and the end of the war on vietnam. but in noticed this in the second term of the bush administration there was more interest in the domesti
comments from the son of ronald reagan in which he urges america's churches to fight against same-sex marriage and calls it a slippery slope, i'm quoting to bestiality, polygamy and perhaps even murder. michael, you and i are friends and we have talked about many issues on this show. but i don't come to this particular encounter feeling very friendly towards you, because i found these comments, i'll be honest with you, quite offensive. likening same-sex marriage in any form to polygampolygamy, bey in particular and murder seems to me at best crass and offensive. >> what's interesting, to explain this, in fact, these are the same questions that are being posed in courtrooms across the united states of america and, in fact, posed within the supreme court just eight days ago. it's interesting. when they're posed in a court of law to a solicitor general or to someone else, ted olson, that there's no outcry. there's no outoh rage. but if i quote or i use those same words in an op-ed piece, that are being used in courtrooms across america, somehow there's all this outrage that is out th
't realize when they are not the same fighter they were when they were 25 years old. >> greta: ronald reagan, everyone thought, i mean 76, that he was finished. he came back in '80 and '84. >> i was throughout in iowa when he lost the caucuses to george h.w. bush. he said we go got the big movee did. ronald reagan was in trouble. i was nervous. i talked to john who was running the campaign and got bounced up in new hampshire. regan came back in new hampshire with mr. breen i paid for this microphone. suddenly the gipper had come back and he won that by 20 points and he was gone then. >> greta: who do you think -- >> i was nervous, i tell you. >> greta: how about the republicans in 2016? what is your thought? >> i think both -- i think rubio has got -- rubio is young and attractive. i think rand paul has got a slice of the party. i'm not sure it is a potential majority slice. a libertarian thing. i do think there is room for a traditionalist in there if these folks go south on amnesty for illegal aliens and if they go south on same-sex marriage i think if i were in there i would not -- first
: log cabin republicans was founded in 1978 in response to ronald reagan and is opposition to an amendment that, not unlike a position eight, would have made it in for a teacher to be openly gay in schools. , at tremendous political risk, came out and said it was unnecessary, and he opposed it. after ronald reagan came out in opposition to it, the proposition failed. a local group of gay republicans founded a local chapter and wanted to pay all my to the roots of a quality that the root publican party has -- roots of inequality that the republican party has, and they chose the name log cabin republicans -- the roots of the quality that the republican party has, and they chose the name log cabin republicans trad. host: how would you make the case for the republican party and gay marriage? guest: you are seeing tremendous movement on this issue, allowing same-sex couples to engage in civil marriage partnerships. when it comes to the republican party, we have a bit of catch up we need to be doing in terms of getting with the times. there are a tremendous amount of younger vote
checks in a new webb ad. >> 32 years ago this week, armed secret service agent couldn't protect ronald reagan from being shot by a disturbed man with a gun. but president reagan believes something could have prevent the attack. tell the republicans to join president reagan in promoting tough back ground checks. >> the president is heading to can colorado to highlight new gun safety laws but we have another week until congress returns to washington to work on theirs. whether their reason wins the day depends on just how crazy congress allows it to get. collin goddard, campaign manager for the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. gentlemen, thanks for joining me. mark, i was shocked to see mark why rubio link arms with rand paul and ted cruz on this, since he is trying to put himself out there to be the moderate dude. >> well, you want to be president some day, the nra says if you want it do it, this is how you get through a primary. they give you a piece of paper and you salute and follow orders. then you hope people forget at the general election. >> how dispondant does that make yo
of behavior if if the president were ronald reagan or george bush. >> let's deal with not only "you lie," melissa, time and again we've heard downright ugly rhetoric. listen to this. >> really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works. >> are you saying that society should just let him die? >> no. >> i think the issue that you're referring to is the issue of anger babies. >> do you intend to circumvent the progress made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military. >> so this ugliness is so consistent and rampant that, yes, i'm glad they condemned young but you have to suspect, where has this been through all of these kinds of insults and, again, is it -- are they angry at young because they came out at an inopportune time or is it a genuine trying to change the ugliness that has become so rampant in the party? >> again, ugliness is -- what we heard were things that were just false. the idea that poor children live in a world where no one works? i mean, obviously to live in poverty in this country is to deal with the kind
to go forward. every president since ronald reagan, both democrat and republican, has moved toward a comprehensive immigration reform. it has had its bits and pieces and its fits and starts. the time is right and the time is now. it is important for all of us to realize that $1 trillion of trade and investment goes between the north american countries of canada, the united states, and mexico. what is more important is that you see a development process happening, what we called workforce mobility, the ability for workers to move across international boundaries and borders, more specifically the u.s.-mexican border. there is another important e ofe that goes to the cor why this is the right time to do what we have been doing. hispanics have fought in every war since the resolution -- since the revolutionary war. they have borne the brunt in casualties in of participation in the military. 8 of the 44 -- it was originally 24 before we got into the vietnam war and the war as of late -- 8 of those original 22 medals of honor were of mexican non-citizen that caught their citizenship afte
about spinning something, in an age of spin and rhetoric. ever since the 80s when ronald reagan rolled back some of the laws that said you had to present both sides of the story and had to present evidence, that was the birth of things like fox news. nowadays you have spin on everything. when this happened people came out of the woodwork saying you are lying, that is a lie, they were not bad, they would just box, put in the closet. kids still have access to these books, just over there, have to go and get them. which is insanity because we're talking about students and one of the teachers, he has had to reformulate for me -- for years of teaching, and inside of his head, he can't let certain spots get out of that. he has a legal thoughts. you start putting away books, and boxing, what are you really saying by that action? what you saying by doing that? this book is illegal, dangerous. and the words you are reading our going to work your mind and do awful things like go to college and get educated and become a productive member of society. and an educated brown mind. that is what you're
put her on? i said this is she. [laughter] hello? and it was ronald reagan on the phone, and he said, sandra? i mean, how about that? first name basis. [laughter] and i said yes, mr. president. and he said, i would like to announce your nomination tomorrow for the supreme court, is that okay with you? [laughter] that is quote unquote what happened. [laughter] and the kind of gold and i said, well, yes mr. president, i think it is. and that's what happened. he had sent three people from the attorney general's office out to arizona to check on my record. i had served in some capacity or the other in all three branches of arizona's state government in the preceding years. and, of course, i had left some kind of track record behind, and i think the president had sent people out to uncover press coverage of anything that i had been involved with, and look at papers in connection with my record. and i guess they haven't uncovered anything that looked scary, so we decided to do that. and i was at home the day the wanted to come out and really talk to me. and my husband and i have built a su
are saying something like this, but you can't dismiss david stockman as a fringe guy. he is ronald reagan's budget director, successful investment banker you. can't just dismiss it, can you? >> you can't dismiss him, and we have been saying this for years but when he says is, you should perk up and listen. the u.s. economy is forcing investors into the market, which is creating an artificial confidence that our economy is doing well. but our economy right now is some rinking, -- shrinking and what is happening bond yelleds are low, interest in the bunk is near zero and it's like ben bernanke created a tri-lateral system where he lends to the bank, they buy bonded and keep interest rates low, and retail investors have no choice to seek return but to go into the capital markets and that's artificially inflating the market. >> stockman points out there's no real economic gain. still have very, very high unemployment. he said we averaged only 17,000 new jobs a month since the year 2000. we need 150,000. he is saying that you fit this bubble on top of a no-growth, go nowhere eeconomy, that's w
, tyler too. he was elected at age of 68, a record no president beat until ronald reagan. who was this? >> i announce with a bit of pride he was from my home ohio., but he moved to he was a military man initially. he studied medicine for a short time and decided to join the military and shortly thereafter moved to ohio. he became the territorial governor of indiana and was a noted indian fighter. comes fromppecanoe the battle of tippecanoe, where he fought with his brother. as territorial governor, tyler was -- harrison was instrumental in securing land for white settlers, and that clashed with native american so i've done battle, harrison was considered the victor. -- at that battle, harrison was considered the victor. it carried him into public office. >> his wife was not happy about him being drawn back into politics. we have a quote from her that says, i wish my husband's friends have left him where he was, happy and contented. how was he drawn into politics again? let's talk about what type of political spouse he was. >> it is an interesting time, because it is the time of the sec
. they were against guns whenned ronald reagan was for it. and then now they're flexible enough to change their position. when it comes to integrity some republicans always have the safety off. and speaking of reagan, he never balanced a budget. he banned torture. he raise the taxes 11 times. he negotiated with our enemies and gave amnesty to illegal immigrants. today's republicans are so double jointed they can despise all of that while still wearing their reagan pajamas to bed every night while their mom rands ayn randreads ayn rand stories. and mitt romney reverse be spandex. there is no more he flexible party than the republican party. they have a way of opening and expanding republicans minds tune in, turn on, sell out. if you still think the g.o.p. is inflexible, just wait until you see all the g.o.p. contortionism that comes out on gay marriage over the next two years. as more republicans are willing to accept gays as people except for lindsey graham because he said he ain't gay, and he is the straightest straight line in the senate. lindsey graham is so straight he'll never bend o
it higher. or is it ben printing money? listen to what ronald reagan's budget directyear told me yesterday on the fox business network. >> this market lives and toys -- dies by the last word of the fed, and the people at the fed have no clue. bebernanke is the most dangerous man ever to hold high office in the history of the united states. >> pretty strong stuff. this reagan guy, does he agree with that? 'm art -- art is the other reagan guy. >> it was very, very strong stuff. but in this one shocking time i think i do agree with david stockman, which is -- maybe not as strong as he says it but i think ben bernanke is making a huge mistake on monetary policy and will have bad 'consequences, and david stockman made mistakes in the reagan era, but i think bernanke is a problem. >> ben bernanke has been printing up a storm, and david stockman's critique goes wayon to benazir ben bernanke, all thy back to paul voelker. he is saying he just inflated -- created various bubbles with all this money printing and loose money policy. you think that is an absolute mistake right from the get-go? >> i t
the fraud because the feds are paying for it. this is why ronald reagan wanted to get food stamps, give it back to state governments where they can administer it better than the federal government of washington. >> bill: nobody keeping track of it now. that's for sure. states don't have the man power to do it? >> absolutely. >> bill: charles krauthammer kind of sticking up for president obama after his race injected into his easter sermon. will force gay marriage on america? is it legal in analy [ anouncer ] ihop in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4. it's like a sexy sandwich. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. >> bill: stossel matter segment tonight. chosen ones how the federal government selects people and regulates business concerns they do it by using tax money or denying tax money to others. stossel has been investigating this so-called government scam fo
the limit should be higher. colorado passed recreational pot use last year. >> president ronald reagan lived in this home when he was a toddler. the university of chicago purchased the land and resisted calls to save the demolition. >> those collecting emergency unemployment will soon see a 10% slash in their checks and that is another great reason to get back in the job hunt. we're here to help you with that. cheryl caseone is here with three companies hiring this week. >> we've got three great companies today. i do want to say what we got from a.d.p. yesterday. we're going to get initial plans today. big reports tomorrow. the data we're seeing this week is not encouraging. it is important to get a job, any job sometimes. why not be a mover? two men and a truck. this is a company that tells us they're having a hard time finding managers. they want to open more moving franchises across the country. they can't find managers. they got a thousand jobs open in the next few months. they need 6,000 people over the next few years. salaries are actually kind of interesting. $10 an hour for movers. t
stamps. one out of 75? >> the growth is phenomenal the only times was decrease under ronald reagan and bill clinton and it has almost now doubled in numbers. thank you obama. charles: under break-in food stamp recipients went down every single year and under the clinton second term it dropped dramatically under welfare reform but they seem to be going opposite trying to encourage more people to get on food stamps. >> it seems that they just want to give more than they give it from the taxpayer and running deficits. it is not just food stamps but unemployment benefits for as far as the eyes can see that incentivizes people to get work and there are so many other programs that are given out, so phones, it you name it and if you just keep giving when that is more than a job this disincentive eyes is everything if the president would turn things around unemployment would be below 6% the e. is in to the giveaway. >> we get the critics and there'll be a lot to say we are heartless but ultimately isn't it just as heartless to have somebody on food stamps their entire life they never get a
the fact that he is going to give us another number. okay, the country is averaging 2.1% and ronald reagan's recovery after 42 months, and he had a higher unemployment rate starwave, it averaged 5.2%. we are seeing a desperate man grasping to distract attention from failure. melissa: scott, what do you think? how do you feel about that? >> well, the fed is talking about these rates. if you're going to attack the economic job creators, intimidate investors, then peter doesn't like bowties. because that totally doesn't make sense. [laughter] melissa: rich edson, what is the likelihood that this happens? is this the opening salvo? or is this the real budget that could eventually happen? >> historically the president's budget is the opening salvo. the problem is it's two months late. the senate has art he passed a budget and traditionally, the house and senate will get together and compromise and pass one budget resolution. this is his input on this. it is one that republicans would certainly like to pick apart. they are pushing to get the budget out there. it could have an effect on the proce
-new stories and breaking news. jon: president ronald reagan said freedom is nevermore than one generation from extinction. we will talk with one prominent republican that warns those words ring true today. a shocking video out of philadelphia, a guy falls onto the subway tracks moments before a train moves in. the complet quick moves by a complete stranger that saved his life. how the scent of extra virgin olive oil can improve your health. it's all "happening now." but first on this good friday, the most solemn day on the christian calendar, the u.s. eyes the next move after a threat of war halfway around the world. good morning to you i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. north korea today ramping up its rhetoric again and reportedly readying its military. the leader there kim jong un says his rockets are ready to quote settle accounts with the united states. this comes one day after a powerful military message from us to them the pentagon sending two nuclear-capable stealth bombers on a fly over right around the korean peninsula to make sure they saw it. jennifer griffin is li
a bullet for the president when ronald reagan was shot. problem withhe that situation was that the secret service back and did not do screenings of people outside the white house. tot is why hinckley was able bring a firearm within short proximity of ronald reagan. again, that is why it is important that they do ening.ometer screa biden event, where through the first ball at an rioles game, they did knono magnetometer screening. you could have terrace come in and blow him up. the fact that the colombian prostitution scandal was going to be covered up, thought of as an employment situation. i was able to get that story and bring it out. the way you describe what happened with the agent, the secret service has broad discretion, approved by courts, to take immediate action. they cannot go around getting warrants and looking for probable cause. they need to take immediate action if they suspect something. is when george h. w. bush was in the white house, he liked to go out and speak with people at the gate. the secret service did not like that. they wanted to screen people. he kept going up s
up what would ronald reagan think about same sex marriage? two of his children take some different positions on the subject. and are forced spending cuts forcing cancer clinics to turn away patients? that and a lot more coming up right here in "the situation room." awwwww... arigato! we are outta here! party...... finding you the perfect place, every step of the way. we're dedicated to getting you back on track from identity theft. to protect you from being a victim in the first place, we have specialists for that, too. ♪ [ alarm blaring ] ♪ [ lasers zapping ] ♪ yep. we make a pretty good team. [ male announcer ] call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. >>> the forced spending cuts sweeping through the federal government are forcing cancer clinics to turn away some patients. what is going on? we asked lisa sylvester to take a closer look at this. what are you learning? >> wolf, we are getting a bet leerk at how the forced budget cuts are impacting lives of regular americans and for cancer patients it could be big changes to where they received their treatme
. the great day to stock, ronald reagan's budget director, but today, he has harsh lessons to deliver to democrats and republicans. in his new book, everyone from president roosevelt, to reagan, bush and obama are criticized heavily for helping to wreck the country's economy. stop and sees a rogue central bank. too much wall street influence and two political parties at a standstill. all this is leading to a bigger f fiscal crisis. we're going to forget about the armageddon. this show's about the next couple of weeks and months. i got to ask you about this. first of all, i think this whole f fiscal cliff, this whole thing between the two parties is hopeless. why would a republican member of congress and i don't always think like those guys, why would they want to raise taxes to get the joy of screwing people out of medicare and why should a democrat screw the people who are depending on him to get the rich to pay more taxes? neither one seems to work politically, so why is the president pushing it? >> i don't know. it's not going to happen. it's a problem of our government. >> would y
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